Empowering Prosperity, One Client at a Time

Welcome to the Fulserv Group, a leading accounting firm based in the heart of New York City. For over three decades, we have been dedicated to providing personalized, top-notch accounting services to the greater New York metropolitan area. Founded by the accomplished accountant and attorney, Michael Breslin, our firm has been a beacon of trust, integrity, and excellence.

Specializing in tax dispute resolution, tax planning, and estate and succession planning, we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate complex financial landscapes. Our expertise, paired with our commitment to client satisfaction, has solidified our reputation as a trusted advisor and partner to many.

Conquering IRS challenges: our tax dispute mastery

With 30 years in business, our expertise extends far beyond traditional accounting. Our forte lies in tax dispute resolution, where we use our vast experience and in-depth understanding of tax laws to resolve any tax-related disputes. Through proactive tax planning, we help our clients minimize their tax liability and maximize their financial growth. Our proficiency in estate and succession planning ensures our clients’ legacies are protected and their future generations’ financial security is secured.

Building trust and partnership

At Fulserv Group, we believe in a tailored approach to accounting. We understand that each client’s financial landscape is unique, requiring a customized, strategic plan. Our commitment is to provide our clients with personalised, thorough, and proactive service, offering innovative solutions to achieve their financial goals.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. We consider our clients as partners, and their success is our ultimate reward.

Welcome to the Fulserv Group, where we turn financial complexity into simplicity and where your financial security is our priority.

Michael Breslin

As the principal figure of FulServ, Michael E. Breslin, CPA, MST, JD, commands a team of ten dedicated professionals. Our firm has seen consistent growth through referrals from our highly satisfied clientele and commendations from other professionals within the industry. Mr. Breslin closely supervises his skilled team and remains deeply involved with all final projects. Even as we plan for further growth, we remain committed to maintaining our small firm ethos and the close personal relationships we’ve nurtured with our clients since 1996.

Michael Breslin, FulServ’s Managing Partner, brought his expertise to the firm in 1998 following a decade of experience with Big Four firms. As both a CPA and a tax attorney, he wields a unique and potent combination of skills.

Navigate tax labyrinths

by unraveling the intricate maze of IRS rules and regulations, we turn confusion into clarity.

Shape financial landscapes

by strategically planning and executing tax strategies, we mold a prosperous financial future for our clients.

Guard legacies

through our experience in estate and succession planning, we ensure the protection and growth of your legacy.

Foster trust and partnership

by prioritizing transparency and integrity, we build relationships that surpass mere transactions.

Empower financial freedom

by providing personalized and proactive service, we equip our clients with the tools to achieve their financial dreams.

How we work

Decoding the Tax Maze Effectively. Cultivating Financial Prosperity. Securing Legacies for Future Generations. Embark on a Journey of Success with Us.

Embracing Technological Advances

In a world where technology is constantly reshaping the way we do business, we embrace innovative tools and methodologies to streamline processes and deliver effective, cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Optimizing Resource Allocation

We believe in the power of smart decision-making from the onset. Our aim is to help you make strategic choices that save time, reduce unnecessary expenses, and maximize your financial potential.

Driving Transformative Change

Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in accounting and tax laws, we aim to drive transformative changes that favorably impact your bottom line and empower you to navigate your financial landscape with confidence.

Providing Unwavering Support

We are committed to walking with you every step of the way. From crafting strategic plans to ensuring their smooth execution, our dedicated team offers unwavering support to help you reach your financial goals.