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  • We strategize with clients to help them minimize their tax liabilities on an overall basis and on specific transactions.
  • Additionally, we work closely with several highly qualified financial advisors who will help you to structure your overall financial picture to ensure current liquidity and protection while encouraging you to save and invest wisely to meet your financial goals


  • We are well-known for our excellence in guiding our clients to the best course of action for them.
  • Our firm has outstanding research skills and we review the relevant facts and analyze the legal authorities to help you make the best business decisions.
  • We have an attorney and four accountants on staff who will help research your issues as they arise so that you can move forward with confidence.
  • We have successfully advised business clients involved in mergers and acquisitions (including tax-deferred reorganizations) and have prepared several private letter rulings, where a client desires IRS approval before moving forward.

Other Services:

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Are you ready to take control of your Tax and Legal Issues ?

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