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Business and Personal Tax Returns

  • We have prepared thousands of individual tax returns and have successfully worked through any conceivable issue you may face. We have substantial experience working with business owners, high net worth individuals, foreign citizens, independent contractors, etc.
  • Our entire staff is extremely detail oriented and we make sure that you pay the lowest tax the law allows
  • We help clients meet their estimated tax payment responsibilities so that they may effectively plan their cash flow and avoid estimated tax penalties
  • We amend previous years’ returns to reduce taxes and correct errors where the return was self-prepared or not prepared to your maximum advantage
  • Additionally, where a taxpayer has a net business loss in a tax year, we can carry this loss back to obtain tax refunds from an earlier tax year.
  • Consulting on the proper business entity to be formed based on the client’s personal facts and future plans
  • Formation of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies in New York, Delaware and other states. Includes assistance with all the nuts and bolts (e.g., Federal Tax ID Number, S corporation elections, and bank accounts) required to get your business started as quickly as possible.

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  • We have prepared over a thousand corporation and partnership tax returns, and have successfully worked through any conceivable issue you may face.
  •  We have substantial experience helping business owners minimize their tax liabilities and structuring their transactions to their maximum advantage.
  • We represent individuals and businesses under examination by the Internal Revenue Service or state and local taxing authorities.
  • Our experience includes income tax, payroll tax, and sales tax audits.
  • Where clients are not satisfied with the result obtained after the close of an examination, we have significant experience representing taxpayers at the Appeals Division and in the United States Tax Court.
  • This allows them further review of their issues and a chance to negotiate with more experienced personnel who are very interested in settling the case.
  • We strategize with clients to help them minimize their tax liabilities on an overall basis and on specific transactions.
  • Additionally, we work closely with several highly qualified financial advisors who will help you to structure your overall financial picture to ensure current liquidity and protection while encouraging you to save and invest wisely to meet your financial goals
  • Many clients require assistance with these statements when they are purchasing a new apartment.
  • In addition, some clients find them useful when evaluating their current financial position for planning purposes.
  • We assist clients with their outstanding tax liabilities.
  • Once we fully understand the nature of the debt, we consider amending previous returns to reduce liabilities, establishing installment payment agreements with the tax authorities, having the clients account classified as temporarily noncollectible, or applying for an Offer in Compromise.
  • We negotiate Offers in Compromise with IRS and New York State. We understand the process that the government must follow and help you to plan your financial life in advance of your offer to allow you to settle your tax debt for the lowest amount possible
  • We are well-known for our excellence in guiding our clients to the best course of action for them.
  • Our firm has outstanding research skills and we review the relevant facts and analyze the legal authorities to help you make the best business decisions.
  • We have an attorney and four accountants on staff who will help research your issues as they arise so that you can move forward with confidence.
  • We have successfully advised business clients involved in mergers and acquisitions (including tax-deferred reorganizations) and have prepared several private letter rulings, where a client desire’s IRS approval before moving forward
  • All business owners must maintain accurate books and records. We take as much of this load off of your hands as you will allow us to.
    • Whether we review your books on a quarterly or annual basis or act as your offsite bookkeeper, we help you to make sure your books properly reflect your company’s results.
  • Since our days only have 24 hours, we highly recommend that you hand over this entire process to us. Your time is too valuable to spend time cutting checks, reconciling accounts, and trying to figure out the accounting.
    • Use your time doing what you do best and spending more time away from the office.
    • The change of habit will result in a happier life and a more profitable business.
  • Many clients who handle their own books only at year-end do not know what their annual numbers look like until their returns are prepared each year. This approach does not allow them to evaluate their company’s success throughout the year, which can lead to missed opportunities or uninformed business decisions. We believe your business will perform better if you give us the opportunity to help you with your bookkeeping needs on a regular basis. Please give us a call.

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